Dominions II: Shepherds of Creation scenario

Shepherds of Creation Mod

This mod enables you to play the
Shepherds of Creation scenario.
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The Scenario
On the Creation of the World
The Seven Shepherds of Creation

The Scenario

Mythic Concept

A demiurge and false god named Baphomet believes he has created the world. Baphomet creates seven shepherds of creation to govern and guide the seven reaches of his lands. Baphomet creates mankind and humanity begins to worship him. Baphomet is filled with pride and he ignores his other servants.

The seven demigods were given divine spirit. The shepherds uses their given divinity to create intelligent life like Baphomet did. Thier creations start to worship them as lords.

Baphomet discovers the apostacy and decides to punish the shepherds. From his throne of power he summons three angels to lead his human armies against the apostatic shepherds.

The Shepherds realize that if one of them would conquer the throne of the world Baphomet would loose his powers and the world would se a new lord.

Game Concept

Baphomet is a mighty pretender run by the AI. His home is at the center of the world.

The first shepherd to conquer the throne of the world wins the scenario.

The rich lands in the center of the world is owned by Baphomet. The lands close to the Rim of Darkness (the lands where the divine light of Baphomet has not fallen ) are poor but richer in magical resources.

Cooperation might be necessary to survive, but a quick grab of another shepherd's lands might also give a player power enough to strike sucessfully at Baphomet.

Baphomet, lord of humans, is a very strong god and should be able to crush the players one by one. He will probably not defeat a joint effort of several players. This means the players must cooperate in order to survive, but THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE. The first player to conquer the Throne of the World will win the scenario.

Every player is given a predesigned pretender. Some pretenders may appear weak, but this is compensated for in the scenario. The starting positions give the shepherds different strengths. Some are magically strong and others are economically strong. All lands on the rim are economically weaker than the fertile center of the world where Baphomet rules.

The mapfile of the scenario is secret and only the Illwinter host has access to it. When you download the map a featureless mapfile will come along. The map is called 'Rim of Darkness' when not a scenario.

On the Creation of the World

In the beginning all was darkness.
Darkness stirred.

A beam of pure light manifested itself.
The light made manifest illuminated the foundations of the world and all of creation became visible.

The burning spirit said: I am the creator, nothing exists unless I illuminates it. I am Baphomet.

The presence of the burning spirit gave warmth and life to the land and things started to grow.

The spirit said: I am the creator, nothing can grow unless I am close.

Forests and pastures soon covered the land where the spirit had moved by. Little creatures started to move and multiply under his dominion.

But the spirit grew impatient and said: Why don't they worship me. I shall give them more light, so they recognize my splendour.

The spirit moved closer and poured his brilliance upon the northern part of the world. And the land was scorched by the burning spirit and everything died.

The spirit fled to the south. Afraid that he would destroy the land he withdrew his warmth from the land. And the land became frozen, bitter and barren and everything died.

The spirit said: I am the creator, I can also destroy.

Then the spirit looked to the north and saw the destruction. And the spirit became sad. And then the spirit looked to the south and saw the destruction. And the spirit started to cry.

The spirit cried and the tears fell upon the world as rain. But the grief of the spirit was great and the rain did not stop. A great diluge flooded the west and everything drowned.

The spirit said: I am the creator, I decide it all. Everything is because of me. I made it all. I can destroy it all. I am Baphomet.

The spirit made itself a throne of light and gemstones and sat upon it and observed the shattered world. Then the spirit felt lonely. He decided to make seven spirits from his own brightness, but he made them lesser. He made them from dirt and gave them spirit.

And he looked upon his bodied spirits and said: I am the creator, I have made you.

And the bodied spirits said: You are the creator, you have made us.

And the creator said: I am the creator, I have made world as it is. You are the Shepherds of my Creation. You shall have the powers of creation and you will go to the seven corners of the world as I have made them.

And the Shepherds of Creation withdrew from the burning spirit, each to his land. And life returned to the world.

The spirit sat upon the Throne of the World and watched as some skinny, naked beings crawled towards him in the mud. Filled with pity he gave them part of his spirit and they rose to their feet and sang his praise in unison.

And the spirit said: I am the creator, I have made you what you are. You are humans and above all in the creation, you have my spirit.

Each of the Shepherds saw what the burning spirit had done and took from their own spirit and gave to the creatures of their lands so they also became aware.

And all of the Shepherds said: I am the creator, I have made you what you are. You are above all in the creation, you have my spirit.

But the burning spirit did not hear them, because he was listening to the hymns of the humans.

And time passed by and the world became populated. The spirit saw that there were other races in the seven corners of the world and he was satisfied and went to them and demanded their praise.

And the spirit said: I am the creator. I am your God. I am Baphomet.

And all the races answered: You are not the creator, we worship another.

The spirit realized the treason of the Shepherds and decided to destroy their creations and take back his spirit from them. But the burning spirit had become weak. His spirit was in the humans and they had multiplied. And the humans living closest to the corners of the world were worshipping the Shepherds reigning there.

Furious he called the humans to arms and he drew power from the Throne of the World and created angels and sent them out to chastise the apostatic Shepherds.

The Shepherds realized the weakness of the burning spirit. If one of them would capture the Throne of the World there would be a new Demiurge and a new era would begin. An era without humans.

And the war began.

The Seven Shepherds of Creation

Bölthorn lord of Jotunheim
Rudra lord of Caelum
Euryale lady of Pangaea
Nergal lord of Abysia
Ningil lady of C'tis
Nereus lord of Atlantis
Järnsaxa lady of Vanheim