Dominions II: Shepherds of Creation scenario


The Destroyer
Lord of Thunder and Ice
The Eye of the Tempest
Bringer of War

Windswept land.
Frozen land.
Land of icy mountains.

And He came.

He was a bodied spirit and had the power to create.

He said: I am the creator, I am Rudra.

And He brougth life to the frozen land.

Under His dominion thunder shook the mountains and life was torn from raging blizzards. The windswept mountains came alive with birds and creatures of the wind. And He protected them from the thunder and the blizzards.

And the Shepherd of Creation said: I am the creator, thunder and ice are mine to command.

And he took from his own spirit and gave to the creatures of the icy mountains so they became aware.

And he said: I am the creator, I have made you what you are. You are seraphim and above all in the creation, you have my spirit.

And the seraphim multiplied and populated the windswept mountains and frozen vales.

But soon the raging seraphim met with lesser beings. Humans of warm flesh. They were not warlike in spirit as the seraphim and lived in halls of wood and stone. The seraphim became envious and asked their Shepherd why the lesser beings had homes and they did not.

The Shepherd of Creation said: I am the creator, I make it all.

And he made halls of ice for the seraphim to live.

But the shepherd was intrigued by the humans and wanted to measure their spirit. So he unleashed his wrath upon the humans and saw them scatter. He said: I am the Lord of Terror, I stand alone.

Then came the Demiurge.
It said: I am the creator. I am your God. I am Baphomet.

And the seraphim answered: You are not the creator, we worship Rudra.

The Demiurge became fire and rage. He called on Rudra, ready to devour him, but Rudra was of the same spirit and refused to heed the call.

The Demiurge retreated to the center of it all, the Throne of the World, where the humans were born. Here he brought angels into existance and sent them to command the humans and unmake the seraphim of the icy mountains.

Rudra realized the weakness of the Demiurge and called the seraphim to arms. He saw that other bodied spirits followed his lead. If one of them would capture the Throne of the World there would be a new Demiurge and a new era would begin. An era without humans.

And the war began.


The Destroyer
The Eye of the Tempest
Bringer of War

Rudra the Destroyer, Bringer of War, is one of the seven shepherds of creation. He commands strife and storms and the Seraphim are his servants. He is armed with a thunder bolt and a bow that strikes the target with deadly disease. Now he has turned his wrath against Baphomet, the demiurge.

* Air: 9
* Death: 5
* Water: 4

Dominion strength: 6
* Order: -3
* Productivity: 1
* Heat: -3
* Growth: -2
* Fortune: 0
* Magic: +2
* Heart of Winter

Fortress: Citadel