Dominions II: Shepherds of Creation scenario


The Great Lady
Mother Serpent
Exalted Lady of Arcana

Magic land.
Serpent land.
Land of Flies and Marshes.

And She came.

She was a bodied spirit and had the power to create.

She said: I am the creator, I am Ningil.

And She brougth death to the watery lands.

Under Her dominion plants and trees began to die. But the marshes came alive with buzzing gnats and things that slither. And She dealt death and sickness to those deserving.

And the Shepherd of Creation said: I am the creator, I alone decide who will die by poisons of the marsh.

And She took from her own spirit and gave to the slithering creatures of the marshes so they became aware.

And She said: I am the creator, I have made you what you are. You are saurians and above all in the creation, you have my spirit.

And the saurians multiplied and populated the deadly marshes.

And Mother Serpent taught them wisdom and arcane lore. For she is master of all things arcane.

But soon the saurians met with lesser beings. Humans of softer flesh. They were not wise nor could they survive the poison of the marshes, but they buried their dead and honoured their memories. The saurians became envious of the human tombs and asked their Shepherd why the lesser beings had homes for their dead and they did not.

She said: I am the creator, I make it all.

And She made temples in the marshes for the dead.

But the dead did not stir and the saurians called the dead unworthy of their attention.

Ningil said: I am the creator, I can give back what I have taken.

And She called back the spirits of the dead and gave them room in the temples. And the saurians were impressed and worshiped their dead and the Great Lady who decides over life and death.

Then came the Demiurge.
It said: I am the creator. I am your God. I am Baphomet.

And the saurians answered: You are not the creator, we worship Ningil.

The Demiurge became fire and rage. He called on Ningil, ready to devour her, but Ningil was of the same spirit and refused to heed the call.

The Demiurge retreated to the center of it all, the Throne of the World, where the humans were born. Here he brought angels into existance and sent them to command the humans and unmake the saurians of the marshes.

Ningil realized the weakness of the Demiurge and called the saurians to arms. She saw that other bodied spirits followed her lead. If one of them would capture the Throne of the World there would be a new Demiurge and a new era would begin. An era without humans.

And the war began.


The Great Lady
Mother Serpent
Exalted Lady of Arcana

Ningil, exalted lady of arcana, is one of the seven shepherds of creation. She is the Mother of all serpents and the marshes is here abode. She has given her people arcane lore and life after death. She commands the shades and spirits of the of the marshlands. She is now bringing her arcane might down on the humans and their lord Baphomet the burning spirit.

* Nature: 5
* Water: 3
* Death: 3
* Fire: 2
* Air: 2
* Earth: 2

Dominion strength: 4
* Order: 0
* Productivity: -1
* Heat: 1
* Growth: -2
* Fortune: 1
* Magic: 3

Fortress: City