Dominions II: Shepherds of Creation scenario


Lord of Biting Cold
The Mountain and the Metals
He who Knoweth Death

Bitter land.
Barren land.
Land of frozen forests.

And He came.

He was a bodied spirit and had the power to create.

He said: I am the creator, I am Bölthorn.

And He brought life to the bitter land.

Under His dominion the frozen forests came alive with little creatures and beasts of the wild. And He protected them from the biting cold.

And the Shepherd of Creation said: I am the creator, I alone decide who will die by cold.

And he took from his own spirit and gave to the creatures of the frozen forests so they became aware.

And he said: I am the creator, I have made you what you are. You are giants and above all in the creation, you have my spirit.

And the giants multiplied and populated the frozen vales.

But soon the giants met with lesser beings. Humans of warm flesh. They were weak beings and died in the cold. The Shepherd was intrigued. Death was a rare event among the giants. He studied the humans and found the secrets of the afterlife.

He said: I am the creator, I decide who dies and who lives.
And he taught his minions how to cheat death.

But the humans lived in halls of wood and stone and the giants became envious and asked their Shepherd why the lesser beings had homes and they did not.

So the Shepherd of Creation went to the mountains and taught himself how to form metal and rock.

And He said: I am the creator, I make it all.
And he made halls of stone for the giants to live.

Then came the Demiurge.
It said: I am the creator. I am your God. I am Baphomet.

And the giants answered: You are not the creator, we worship Bölthorn.

The Demiurge became fire and rage. He called on Bölthorn, ready to devour him, but Bölthorn was of the same spirit and refused to heed the call.

The Demiurge retreated to the center of it all, the Throne of the World, where the humans were born. Here he brought angels into existance and sent them to command the humans and unmake the giants of the frozen forests.

Bölthorn realized the weakness of the Demiurge and called the giants to arms. He saw that other bodied spirits followed his lead. If one of them would capture the Throne of the World there would be a new Demiurge and a new era would begin. An era without humans.

And the war began.


Lord of Biting Cold
The Mountain and the Metals
He who Knoweth Death

Bölthorn, the mountain and the metals, is one of the seven shepherds of creation. His realm is one of bitter cold and mighty mountains. He has given steel and stones to his people. Bölthorn is also the bringer of hopes, he who knoweth death. No one who serves him will need to fear death.

* Water: 5
* Death: 5
* Earth:4

Dominion strength: 6
* Order: 0
* Productivity: 0
* Heat: -2
* Growth: -1
* Fortune: 2
* Magic: 1

Fortress: Dark Citadel