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Conquest of Elysium 4 under development

Illwinter Game Design is currently hard at work developing the successor to Conquest of Elysium 3. We have been working at it for about a year and most of the new features we want in the game are there now. While still a quicker game than Dominions, we are raising the complexity of CoE a bit by adding features to interact with the world in more ways and to make the character classes more random from game to game. Below are descriptions of some of the new features in CoE 4. More information will be added later on.

New Map and Climate Generation

The random map generation has been completely remade and produces much more varied and logical maps. There will now be large continuous deserts or forests, or maybe a long mountain stretch. This makes the map both more natural and more fun to play on as it will be easier to predict where the mines or the ancient forests will be. Temperature also plays a large role now. The northern parts of the world will be cold and south will be warm, also mountain areas will be slightly colder than the flat lands. Winter will the make things colder and snow will appear where the temperature allows it. Of course it is possible to influence the temperature, create a second sun on a mountain and that part of the world will never see snow until it is destroyed. Niefel giants might lower the temperature around them and create local cold spots.


The game now has 5 planes instead of only having the Elysium plane. There is for instance an Infernal plane that is the home of the devils and the demons. So if a demonologist manages to summon a demon lord, there will suddenly be a dark citadel without its master in inferno. Banishing a devil will now force it back to inferno instead of slaying it permanently. Although extremely difficult it is now possible to permanently destroy a demon lord by storming inferno and slaying it on that plane.

There is also the plane of Hades. It is a copy of Elysium, but everything is dead and the towns are populated by ghosts and spirits. Every time someone is killed in Elysium there is a chance that he will appear as a spirit in the same location in Hades. Powerful undead that are banished from Elysium will appear on this plane and will not die permanently until they are slain here.

Although there are many planes now you will only rarely have to visit them. But they continue to run in the background and can make certain actions or random events much more exciting than before. E.g. the cultist that opens a portal to inferno now actually does that. The devils from inferno will try to assault Elysium and bring sinners back to inferno. Bringing sinners back will increase their power and enable inferno to get more devils and demons. Unless it is closed Elysium will be in some serious trouble.

New Combat System

The new combat system is more board game and Dominions like and less abstract than previously. The units now moves around on a battlefield grid and can only strike units that are within range. Spell effects and missile weapons are animated so you can easily see who fires upon who. There is also initiative values that usually corresponds to how long weapon a unit has, so a unit with a spear will get to strike before an opponent with an axe. Units with multiple attacks can have different initiatives for each weapon.

There are also fortifications with gates that have to be broken down before you can storm the fort. Archers manning the walls will get cover bonus depending on how high and well protected the walls are and some castles feature wider walls that can have more archers on them. So while you no longer get a general advantage as defender, you get quite a large advantage if you defend a fortified location. However there are units like spiders that can climb the walls, birds that can fly over the walls and ghosts that can simply walk through them.

castle screenshot

Random Rituals

To be written.


To be written.

More New Things

To be written.


To be created.

Buying and Forum

If you want to discuss the game or if you have any questions, you are welcome to use the CoE3 Forum on Desura.

The game cannot be bought or preordered yet.

System Requirements

As usual the game will be available for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. You will need a somewhat newer computer than previously, as the new version needs more memory and will gladly use all the CPU cores you have.

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