Conquest of Elysium II. Version history

Version 2014 (Linux only)
* Support for linux Pulseaudio.
* Updated end screen

Version 2007
* New class: King of the Deep
* New arch demon
* Major stability improvements
* Linux 64-bit compatible
* New end screen

Version 2004c (for Linux demo only)
* Linux version uses the brand new Illwinter Game Installer.

Version 2004b
* Fixes a minor stability problem.

Version 2004
* One new monster
* Frogs etc. move faster in swamp
* Stability improvements
* Uses SDL in Linux and Windows
* Supports alt+ret (fullscreen), alt+tab (minimize) in Linux and Windows
* New intro screens
* No end screens in full version

Version 2002
* New computer player, the archmage
* Improved switches (use --help to see them)
* Cost for Druid summoning is displayed properly
* New Druid ability, Call the council of beasts
* Two new monsters

Version 2001d
* Colour problems on windows corrected
* Timer fix for windows 2000
* 'maxrt too high' bug fixed
* 'no one was poisoned' bug fixed.

Version 2001c
* Linux version no longer requires the Xxf86dga library
* -v switch to display version number

Version 2001b
* Solaris intro bug fixed

Version 2001
* Much improved windows support
* Now runs on Linux and Solaris too
* One new monster
* Some bug fixes

Version 2000 jubilee
* Improved computer AI for enchanter, shaman, druid and witch.
* Adjusted prices for shaman, maharaja, dragon lord, barabarian, orc warlord
* new monsters: the rotking, magic mushroom, etc
* new artifacts
* bug: artifacts without functions. Fixed.
* bug: impossible to burn some jungles. Fixed.
* bug: elf king stopped collecting forests when the daoine sidhe died. Fixed.
* New computer player, the ancient vampire
* bug: incorrect info for gallows. Fixed.

version 2.2
* Updated graphics library. Hopfully the game will support more video-cards now.
* Entering battle uses up all remining ap.

version 2.1
* Maximum number of troops increased from 7500 to 50000 and maximum number of commanders increased from 100 to 250.
* Save files are now usually smaller

version 2.0
* This was the first PC version